#Worldmentalhealthday – hiding behind a smile.

Hey everyone, A part of me is like, it is mental health day every day for me and the same for a lot of people. Then another part of me is like, well if we didn’t have days like this where we can positively use social media to spread awareness instead of our latest sefie, […]

Coping mechanisms are for everyone.

Hey everyone! So let’s talk about coping mechanisms, we all have them as they come in many shapes and sizes. Who can’t function in the morning without a large dose of caffeine? Coping mechanism. Who has used alcohol or smoking to help deal with stress? Coping mechanism. Who has a certain friend that they feel […]

Therapy 8 – minding my own damn business!

Hey everyone, Today was my last day of therapy, these past 8 weeks have flown by, and I am honestly so sad it is over. I know I can refer back if I want to but I rfelt that I had found a therapist that I could really open up to and they can’t guarantee […]

The line is a dot to some people.

Hey everyone, Have you ever had someone cross over the line with you? Have you ever felt that some people just don’t see the line? Or maybe they did see the line but still stomped their muddy feet all over it? Boundaries are so important when it comes to relationships and boundaries can change person […]

Isn’t it funny…

Hey everyone, These past few days I have been riding that emotional rollercoaster and some of it has been down to the impending visit of mother nature in the next few days, fun times! I have just got a lot on my plate and most of it I have no control over, I really wish […]

Therapy 6 – I need a cup of positivitea!

Hey everyone! *knock knock* Who’s there? Motivation? Motivation who? Sorry, wrong house! – my life Do you ever feel brimming with ideas but the motivation to follow through on them is nowhere to be seen? I just sometimes feel like slapping myself for wasting time, but I just feel so deflated to do anything. Like […]

Tea stains and reflections.

Hey everyone, Today I looked in the mirror and looked at what was left of my two day old pigtails, the tea-stained jumper and the way too big sweat pants and thought “fuuccckkk!”. I can’t decide if this is what thirty is supposed to look like. I am close to a breakdown or all the […]

Breaking up with negativity.

Hey everyone. I don’t believe in a God, I do sometimes wonder if some person is looking down on us with a big bowl of popcorn in their lap and watching us like a sitcom. Laughing when we laugh, cries when we cry and cringes when we do something stupid like electing morans to run […]

We are who we are.

Welcome back to crazy little things! I am a believer in timing and how certain things happen for a reason, and if I wasn’t thankful about being back in therapy before, then I am certainly thankful after this weekend. I wouldn’t have gotten through this weekend without being back at therapy. For one, I am […]

Therapy 2 – My inner child needs a hug.

Hey everyone, Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all of the time as you are only human. It was therapy day aka crying into cake day. today I felt completely ripped open […]