When things in life become two sizes too small.

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe at home. Have you ever just looked at yourself and thought what the fuck are you doing? That seems to be the main thing in my head at the moment. Like I know I am about to make the same the mistake, but maybeContinue reading “When things in life become two sizes too small.”

Don’t let life grind you down.

Hey everyone, So here we are on day who the fuck knows of lockdown, and I have learnt a lot about myself so far during this time. Firstly I spend a lot of time going to my fridge for something and end up just standing there with the fridge door open conplantating life. I haveContinue reading “Don’t let life grind you down.”

Sometimes you just need to sit in your underwear and eat fries!

Hey everyone, The title really does speak for itself, today’s blog post has been inspired by something that I did.I have spent what feels like a lifetime hating my body, hating food and hating the lack of control I have with my body. I am not as comfortable talking about my food issues and bodyContinue reading “Sometimes you just need to sit in your underwear and eat fries!”

I got this shit!

Hey everynoe, I got this shit! I want to keep this post simple and straight to the point, so I am not going to bore you with what I have been up to these past few days and how a walk in the rain traumatised the hell out of me, I save that story forContinue reading “I got this shit!”

Thought of the day – what is weird?

Hey everyone, Have you ever felt that you stick out like a sore thumb, have you ever felt a spoon that was in with all the forks, have you ever felt like you just don’t quite fit? I know a lot of you out there have felt like that. We take on the labels weird,Continue reading “Thought of the day – what is weird?”

Your path is not my path.

Hey everyone, It has been one of those weeks where I wanted to exchange my adulting permit for a learning permit in adulting instead. My new job is going well, it is just all the other things that come with adulthood, being social, being present in the world and being able to not want toContinue reading “Your path is not my path.”

#Worldmentalhealthday – hiding behind a smile.

Hey everyone, A part of me is like, it is mental health day every day for me and the same for a lot of people. Then another part of me is like, well if we didn’t have days like this where we can positively use social media to spread awareness instead of our latest sefie,Continue reading “#Worldmentalhealthday – hiding behind a smile.”

Coping mechanisms are for everyone.

Hey everyone! So let’s talk about coping mechanisms, we all have them as they come in many shapes and sizes. Who can’t function in the morning without a large dose of caffeine? Coping mechanism. Who has used alcohol or smoking to help deal with stress? Coping mechanism. Who has a certain friend that they feelContinue reading “Coping mechanisms are for everyone.”

Therapy 8 – minding my own damn business!

Hey everyone, Today was my last day of therapy, these past 8 weeks have flown by, and I am honestly so sad it is over. I know I can refer back if I want to but I rfelt that I had found a therapist that I could really open up to and they can’t guaranteeContinue reading “Therapy 8 – minding my own damn business!”

The line is a dot to some people.

Hey everyone, Have you ever had someone cross over the line with you? Have you ever felt that some people just don’t see the line? Or maybe they did see the line but still stomped their muddy feet all over it? Boundaries are so important when it comes to relationships and boundaries can change personContinue reading “The line is a dot to some people.”