Following the bread crumbs.

Hey everyone, For the first time in a long time, I am starting to feel like a functioning adult. It feels weird as fuckĀ±! I remember telling my therapist a few weeks ago that I wanted to just feel normal, which she then replied, what is normal? A lot has happened to turn my life […]

#Worldmentalhealthday – hiding behind a smile.

Hey everyone, A part of me is like, it is mental health day every day for me and the same for a lot of people. Then another part of me is like, well if we didn’t have days like this where we can positively use social media to spread awareness instead of our latest sefie, […]

We all do stupid shit.

Hey everyone, Did I ever tell you that about the time I was in such a rush to get home because I felt like anxiety was closing the world in around me, that I walked up to the wrong house and was trying to open the door with my key for a good few minutes. […]

Whatever it takes.

Hey everyone, What a fucking week it has been so instead of moaning on for a paragraph or two, I will just give you the cliff notes.  My doctor needs 2-week notice before I need an appointment, as that is the current waiting time.  A bird pooped on my head.  I ripped my favourite jeans […]

Coping mechanisms are for everyone.

Hey everyone! So let’s talk about coping mechanisms, we all have them as they come in many shapes and sizes. Who can’t function in the morning without a large dose of caffeine? Coping mechanism. Who has used alcohol or smoking to help deal with stress? Coping mechanism. Who has a certain friend that they feel […]

An imperfect life.

Hey everyone, I have just got back from a lovely couple of days away with my partner and some friends at the seaside. Some may say being stuck in a caravan with the rain pelting down a disaster of a time. With the right people though and the task of who could find the best […]

Therapy 8 – minding my own damn business!

Hey everyone, Today was my last day of therapy, these past 8 weeks have flown by, and I am honestly so sad it is over. I know I can refer back if I want to but I rfelt that I had found a therapist that I could really open up to and they can’t guarantee […]

Anxiety Hangover.

Hey everyone, So I have just come back from unplugging from social media and my blog for a few days as I just needed that time in the real world where I wasn’t concerned about the online world. It has been a big couple of days, as my partner’s mom got married and I just […]

The line is a dot to some people.

Hey everyone, Have you ever had someone cross over the line with you? Have you ever felt that some people just don’t see the line? Or maybe they did see the line but still stomped their muddy feet all over it? Boundaries are so important when it comes to relationships and boundaries can change person […]