Drawing Diary 1 – Ugly Thoughts.

So yeah I’m back!!! It’s been a long time but I’m back with with a new idea, a new blog name and hopefully a lot more blogs. So now this is blog is called Pencil Thoughts, I wanted to blend my writing and drawing. I could bore you with what has gone on since IContinue reading “Drawing Diary 1 – Ugly Thoughts.”

Time for a change!

Hey everyone, So I have been trying to get back into this blog but I have come to realise it just doesn’t fit me anymore. I have outgrown it,which is both sad and good! As it show the progress I have made these last few years and I know a lot of that progress wasContinue reading “Time for a change!”

I will never understand, but I stand.

Hey everyone, I know I know I said I would write more but life has got in the way and i use a lot of my free time now for art and drawing. So I don’t want to do my usual waffle about my life. Instead I want to use this small platform to shareContinue reading “I will never understand, but I stand.”

When things in life become two sizes too small.

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe at home. Have you ever just looked at yourself and thought what the fuck are you doing? That seems to be the main thing in my head at the moment. Like I know I am about to make the same the mistake, but maybeContinue reading “When things in life become two sizes too small.”

Don’t let life grind you down.

Hey everyone, So here we are on day who the fuck knows of lockdown, and I have learnt a lot about myself so far during this time. Firstly I spend a lot of time going to my fridge for something and end up just standing there with the fridge door open conplantating life. I haveContinue reading “Don’t let life grind you down.”

A thought bubble…

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe at home. Right now I have a lot of thoughts and a lot of spare time to spend with those thoughts, even though I am working from home. Our daily routine distractions have been taken away from us, so all those thoughts you canContinue reading “A thought bubble…”

Time to change things up!

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is well and staying safe. I know my blog posts are a bit sporadic, I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things with my blog, but I’m getting there, slowly! So, who else is losing track of the days and feeling like its groundhog day every day! IContinue reading “Time to change things up!”

You can’t sugarcoat the bullshit!

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is keeping safe. I know it has been good for me in the short term to be working from home. As I am so glad to have some structure to my day because I know my mental health takes a nosedive when I don’t have some type of routine.Long termContinue reading “You can’t sugarcoat the bullshit!”

One day at a time.

Hey everyone, So what feels like day 35 of quarantine in my house, I honestly can see an upside to this working from home malarky. I don’t need to put makeup on, I get to wear my comfies all day and I get to spend my breaks from work in a place where I knowContinue reading “One day at a time.”

Things just got too fucking much,,,,

Hey everyone, So long time no blogging! I have taken some time away from my blog and also took a bit of s step away from my social media to. I stopped interacting with people as much and posting as much because things just got on top of me. It felt like i was jugglingContinue reading “Things just got too fucking much,,,,”