Write it, see it, do it!

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Today felt like Monday decided it wanted to another turn this week, even though that bitch of anxiety seems to of lost her voice, she has left a mark. I have such a heavy feelingContinue reading “Write it, see it, do it!”

I wonder if…

Hey everyone, Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you not, well that is ok too as your only human. Here we are then Wednesday, well it feels more like Monday part 3 because is it just me or is this week going extra slow. I am still under the dark clouds and I amContinue reading “I wonder if…”

Burned bridges

Hey everyone I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not remember that it is ok not to be ok. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and honestly, I fucking hate my birthday, not because I am getting older, because I have a lot of bad memories connected to myContinue reading “Burned bridges”

Fertility And Me

  Hey everyone, So I got tagged in a great post a few days ago by the lovely Post IVF world . Please check out the post, it is fantastic and a great insight into someone who really is a real fertility warrior. So, on her blog she has posted someone questions for people to answer,Continue reading “Fertility And Me”

A Postive In A Negative

Hey everyone 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂 I am enjoying my weekend with my boyfriend and friends. Honestly, even though I still feel a bit low I won’t let it take my weekend away from me and my boyfriend, 5 years together wow! We don’t have the perfect relationship but weContinue reading “A Postive In A Negative”


Hey everyone 🙂 I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend I know I am! So I am currently coming out of a manic cycle to a depressive cycle and now I am feeling back to normal (well as normal as can be!). Like my moods, my life can be very up and down.Continue reading “PCOS And Me”