Hey everyone!

So today I am starting the process of rebooting my podcast, I have been working on some ideas and I am really excited about exploring this avenue again. What can you expect from this podcast: 

  • My partner aka my co-host, he’s grumpy, he has never put a ring on it, he’s funny, he is Carl. 
  • Adulthood, who wants it, who knows what they are doing and do we ever really grow up.
  • Foul language, because I am an adult I can swear if I want to. 

This podcast is basically two people discussing the twists and turns of life, there may be some bickering, there may be some laughs, but there will definitely be some honest tea. 

Today we are recording so stay tuned this week for the new and improved honest tea podcast. 

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

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