Time for some Honest Tea.

Hey everyone, So guess who is going to be annoyingly plugging the new episode of her podcast over the next week or so,… Me! So I am just going to get it out of the way now, you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, this link http://honesttea.buzzsprout.com and there is also a link on my […]

Therapy 6 – I need a cup of positivitea!

Hey everyone! *knock knock* Who’s there? Motivation? Motivation who? Sorry, wrong house! – my life Do you ever feel brimming with ideas but the motivation to follow through on them is nowhere to be seen? I just sometimes feel like slapping myself for wasting time, but I just feel so deflated to do anything. Like […]

Tea stains and reflections.

Hey everyone, Today I looked in the mirror and looked at what was left of my two day old pigtails, the tea-stained jumper and the way too big sweat pants and thought “fuuccckkk!”. I can’t decide if this is what thirty is supposed to look like. I am close to a breakdown or all the […]

Therapy 5 – shoulda woulda coulda!

Hey everyone, Today was therapy day aka, crying into some cake day. I got emotional from the get-go, as soon as she asked me if I was ok because I am not ok. I am not ok with the situation with my eyes, I am not ok with the direction my life is in, and […]

Therapy 4 – How the fuck do you self-sooth?

Hey everyone. So therapy today was another barrel of laughs, I think today it has finally dawned on me on how far down the hole of depression I have got myself. Even though there have been some great steps forward, I am struggling with my inner critic. She is a right fucking bitch but I […]

Breaking up with negativity.

Hey everyone. I don’t believe in a God, I do sometimes wonder if some person is looking down on us with a big bowl of popcorn in their lap and watching us like a sitcom. Laughing when we laugh, cries when we cry and cringes when we do something stupid like electing morans to run […]

I fuck up, you fuck up, we all fuck up!

Hey everyone. Let’s talk about fuck-ups, you do it, I do it even your nan does it, we all fuck up. You don’t always know the right answer and sometimes have to go through a few wrong answers before you find the right one. Sometimes you go through a lot of wrong answers stomp your […]

Therapy 3 – Me and my big mouth.

Hey everyone. So I went to therapy yesterday and once again it was a very difficult hour. I know I said last week that I was trying not to cry in therapy, well that didn’t go to plan this week. If I had to sum up this week’s therapy session in three words it would […]

We are who we are.

Welcome back to crazy little things! I am a believer in timing and how certain things happen for a reason, and if I wasn’t thankful about being back in therapy before, then I am certainly thankful after this weekend. I wouldn’t have gotten through this weekend without being back at therapy. For one, I am […]

We can be more than a label. 

Welcome back to crazy little things! I’m feeling even driven as days go on to spread my wings and fly and not in my usual run away from shit kind of way, but in an, I have outgrown this phase in my life and it is time I move on to the next one. I […]