The line is a dot to some people.

Hey everyone, Have you ever had someone cross over the line with you? Have you ever felt that some people just don’t see the line? Or maybe they did see the line but still stomped their muddy feet all over it? Boundaries are so important when it comes to relationships and boundaries can change personContinue reading “The line is a dot to some people.”

Isn’t it funny…

Hey everyone, These past few days I have been riding that emotional rollercoaster and some of it has been down to the impending visit of mother nature in the next few days, fun times! I have just got a lot on my plate and most of it I have no control over, I really wishContinue reading “Isn’t it funny…”

The adult revolution!

Hey everyone! So today I decided I was not going to worry about those pesky adult things we do to make it feel like we have used our time wisely when we have free time. You know what I am talking about; washing up, making the bed and collecting the abandoned socks your partner leavesContinue reading “The adult revolution!”

Therapy 5 – shoulda woulda coulda!

Hey everyone, Today was therapy day aka, crying into some cake day. I got emotional from the get-go, as soon as she asked me if I was ok because I am not ok. I am not ok with the situation with my eyes, I am not ok with the direction my life is in, andContinue reading “Therapy 5 – shoulda woulda coulda!”

Bleary eyes.

Eye got problems! I started noticing a problem with my right eye about June last year, I thought it might have been down to hay fever, or I might have scratched it in my sleep. I decided to go to A&E because as I was getting headaches and blurred vision. They said it was aContinue reading “Bleary eyes.”

We all freak out from time to time.

Hey everyone! Sometimes you don’t need to pull up your big girl pants and get on with shit. Sometimes you need to put on your sweats, eat a good amount of chocolate and have a good cry. Let’s be honest, who gets excited or happy about dealing with shit that comes our way. I haven’tContinue reading “We all freak out from time to time.”

Plan, what fucking plan?

Hey everyone! I am tired, hungry, anxious and did I mention tired. Why didn’t anyone tell us that this is what adulthood is all about? Making sure you’ve got a constant supply of paracetamol in your cupboard, never feeling like you are getting enough sleep and getting anxiety over every fucking thing. I remember lookingContinue reading “Plan, what fucking plan?”

Breaking up with negativity.

Hey everyone. I don’t believe in a God, I do sometimes wonder if some person is looking down on us with a big bowl of popcorn in their lap and watching us like a sitcom. Laughing when we laugh, cries when we cry and cringes when we do something stupid like electing morans to runContinue reading “Breaking up with negativity.”

I fuck up, you fuck up, we all fuck up!

Hey everyone. Let’s talk about fuck-ups, you do it, I do it even your nan does it, we all fuck up. You don’t always know the right answer and sometimes have to go through a few wrong answers before you find the right one. Sometimes you go through a lot of wrong answers stomp yourContinue reading “I fuck up, you fuck up, we all fuck up!”

Has my mojo gone into witness protection.

Welcome back to Crazy Little Things! Lets talk about Mojo… What is it? Where do you find it? Does it find you? If you have it, can you share some with me? Can you buy it from Amazon? What is it? Well, to answer the first question, it is that umph that gusto kind ofContinue reading “Has my mojo gone into witness protection.”