I didn’t choose the introvert life, it chose me!

Hey everyone, Lately, I have been thinking about that funny old thing we call life and all the fun stuff that comes with it. You know what I mean, the heartache, the love, the pain, the laughter, the memories and all the bits in between. I have been thinking about how introverted I have becomeContinue reading “I didn’t choose the introvert life, it chose me!”

Happiness and sadness can coexist.

Hey everyone, This week I have been dealing with a lot of negative thoughts but its during a time of my life where I feel things are slowly slotting into place and positive things are going on. So, I thought I would share a small part of a journal I have written this week andContinue reading “Happiness and sadness can coexist.”

It is not too late and it is not too early.

Hey everyone, I have had one of those days when I can’t help but think about where I am in life and with just over a month to go until a new year, have I just circled the drain? The bad points can have a habit of jumping out at you like a bad memeContinue reading “It is not too late and it is not too early.”

Thought of the day – what is weird?

Hey everyone, Have you ever felt that you stick out like a sore thumb, have you ever felt a spoon that was in with all the forks, have you ever felt like you just don’t quite fit? I know a lot of you out there have felt like that. We take on the labels weird,Continue reading “Thought of the day – what is weird?”

Pain lives in our veins.

Hey everyone, It has been quite a positive weekend. I even went and got my eyebrows threaded, I did not only shock myself with that but my partner as well. As I am not a fan of people touching me, and for me to let a stranger be that close to me is a bigContinue reading “Pain lives in our veins.”

That little voice.

Hey everyone,  So guess whos stubbornness led them to walk into not just one but two deep puddles that came up past their feet, yep that was me. My boyfriend told me not to walk my normal route home because of flooding, but I was like no it can’t be that bad he doesn’t knowContinue reading “That little voice.”

I am just tired.

Hey everyone, I think it is easy to get lost in thought and be absorbed by your emotions, whether they are good or bad, It is so easy to escape reality inside your own mind, where things can be the extreme version of what is going on around you. I can do this a lotContinue reading “I am just tired.”

So I don’t do everything right, sue me!

Hey everyone, I am in a really creative space right now, and I feel like I can’t get down my ideas quick enough. I might be on the verge of a manic mood shift, so I might need to keep a close eye on my warning signs over these next few days. Apart from that,Continue reading “So I don’t do everything right, sue me!”

I can’t right now.

Hey everyone, So another day and another eye appointment, this time to test my visual field. Well, all I am going to say on that subject is, it is not got worse but not got better. I got to take the positives from this. Yes, it wasn’t the outcome I wanted, but I can stillContinue reading “I can’t right now.”

When time plays tricks on you.

Hey everyone, So it has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and I even though I am feeling quite vulnerable from it all, I am also feeling empowered. Maybe I can handle the shit thrown at me? Maybe I can be a functioning adult again? Maybe I will be ok. I know a maybeContinue reading “When time plays tricks on you.”