Emotions and Santa are coming to town.

Hey everyone, Christmas is now around the corner, what the fuck! How is this year egding closer to the end? I think there is a lot of us going “well this year didn’t go to plan” or ” what a shit year so bring on a new one”. It is very easy to see theContinue reading “Emotions and Santa are coming to town.”

A Christmas cry.

Hey everyone, What can I say, apart from right now I feel so sad, something I was really hoping was going to happen this weekend, didn’t. I now have the choice of do I carry on living with this sadness in the hope that one day things may change or do I just let itContinue reading “A Christmas cry.”

We are like stars…

Hey everyone, One of my favourite songs is “Don’t let me be misunderstood” by Nina Simone, that songs speaks to every fibre of my soul. It speaks of the internal battle we can feel going inside us all. The blurred lines of feeling good but bad at the same time and the worry of ourContinue reading “We are like stars…”

The dark side of Christmas.

Hey everyone, There is a Christmas story that many of us know but don’t share. It is a story about feeling lonely because we don’t have that many people in our lives, it is a story about feeling anxious because what if you don’t buy the right gifts and it is a story about feelingContinue reading “The dark side of Christmas.”

Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes.

Hey everyone, For the last couple of years, I have done blogmas, where I have posted Christmas themed posts every day. This year after much debate, I have decided that I am not going to do it. There is a lot of of work that goes into each post, and I just don’t have timeContinue reading “Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes.”