Hey everyone  🙂   Hope everyone is having a great weekend. This has probably been the first weekend in a while that I have not felt the heavy pressure of the dark cloud of depression and the diva of anxiety interfering with my life. I wish that was down to me getting better butContinue reading “Decluttering”


This is something new I am going to be doing other day so I can stay in regular contact with you lovely lot.   Today’s tip of the day is to be kind.   Sometimes during my dark days, I struggle with my moods obviously, and I can be a real bitch – to aContinue reading “Kindness”

Sticks and Stones

    Hi again, I thought I would do something similar to my first blog, a story. A story from my past where anxiety and depression affected my day-to-day life, but I cannot look back on it now with humor. Instead, this story is about the time I beat a bully literally!   So letContinue reading “Sticks and Stones”

Trying is Tiring

Hey again,   So right now I am struggling, I am struggling to keep my mind from racing; I am struggling keeping my emotions from getting the best of me. I am asking myself over and over again why me? Why can’t I just have one day of peace? Why can’t I go about myContinue reading “Trying is Tiring”

The Second Piece of The Puzzle

Hey all 🙂   So I have started to write about bringing the pieces of joy back in my life, it is harder than it seems, as there always seems to be a reminder every day of my depression and anxiety but I have to keep fighting… don’t I???? These last few days though, theContinue reading “The Second Piece of The Puzzle”

Day One of Joy

Hi all 🙂 So today was the day one of the joy puzzles. For those who don’t know, the joy puzzle is me trying to bring back the joy in my life one piece at a time. Once I build up more pieces hopefully I will be able to build a bigger picture of howContinue reading “Day One of Joy”

The calm in the storm

  Hi again welcome back! Thank you for reading 🙂   So I believe I have achieved so much progress with my anxiety and depression but when I have a bad few days it’s so easy to forget those achievements. So I thought I would write myself a reminder.   You beat self-harming!   IContinue reading “The calm in the storm”