You can’t sugarcoat the bullshit!

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is keeping safe. I know it has been good for me in the short term to be working from home. As I am so glad to have some structure to my day because I know my mental health takes a nosedive when I don’t have some type of routine.Long termContinue reading “You can’t sugarcoat the bullshit!”

One day at a time.

Hey everyone, So what feels like day 35 of quarantine in my house, I honestly can see an upside to this working from home malarky. I don’t need to put makeup on, I get to wear my comfies all day and I get to spend my breaks from work in a place where I knowContinue reading “One day at a time.”

Where do we draw the line…

Hey everyone, So it has been a while, I didn’t plan to be away from my blog for this long, but the time away was needed. It felt like I was juggling too much, and I needed to put something down before everything came crashing down. I will probably talk about it more in anotherContinue reading “Where do we draw the line…”

Emotions and Santa are coming to town.

Hey everyone, Christmas is now around the corner, what the fuck! How is this year egding closer to the end? I think there is a lot of us going “well this year didn’t go to plan” or ” what a shit year so bring on a new one”. It is very easy to see theContinue reading “Emotions and Santa are coming to town.”

Sometimes you just need to sit in your underwear and eat fries!

Hey everyone, The title really does speak for itself, today’s blog post has been inspired by something that I did.I have spent what feels like a lifetime hating my body, hating food and hating the lack of control I have with my body. I am not as comfortable talking about my food issues and bodyContinue reading “Sometimes you just need to sit in your underwear and eat fries!”

To live with anxiety.

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you my honest outlook on anxiety after having a bad day with it. I am going to add a trigger warning to it as it is something that many of us struggle with. Today I had a breakdown, I feel like anxiety is ruining my life no matter howContinue reading “To live with anxiety.”

We all do stupid shit.

Hey everyone, Did I ever tell you that about the time I was in such a rush to get home because I felt like anxiety was closing the world in around me, that I walked up to the wrong house and was trying to open the door with my key for a good few minutes.Continue reading “We all do stupid shit.”

An imperfect life.

Hey everyone, I have just got back from a lovely couple of days away with my partner and some friends at the seaside. Some may say being stuck in a caravan with the rain pelting down a disaster of a time. With the right people though and the task of who could find the bestContinue reading “An imperfect life.”

Anxiety Hangover.

Hey everyone, So I have just come back from unplugging from social media and my blog for a few days as I just needed that time in the real world where I wasn’t concerned about the online world. It has been a big couple of days, as my partner’s mom got married and I justContinue reading “Anxiety Hangover.”

Me and my Anxiety.

Hey everyone, I feel like my anxiety has been affecting me the most recently. My therapist has recently helped me understand my anxiety a little bit more, and a lot of my anxiety comes from the critical parent side of me. I get anxiety about anxiety and I can end up in a circle ofContinue reading “Me and my Anxiety.”