Drawing Diary 1 – Ugly Thoughts.

So yeah I’m back!!!

It’s been a long time but I’m back with with a new idea, a new blog name and hopefully a lot more blogs. So now this is blog is called Pencil Thoughts, I wanted to blend my writing and drawing. I could bore you with what has gone on since I last posted but we all know 2020 was a bad year for most people. Instead I’m just moving the fuck on and not going to drag up the past as that won’t help with that.

This year I will be keeping a drawing diary, to put down pencil to paper of the daily crap that has gone in my head. It could be the motivation for the day, the pain, the emotions or just what I have been up to.

So here we are, day one.

Ugly Thoughts.

Today I didn’t wake up with any of that new year motivation. Instead I woke up feeling rather deflated. I guess many of us had our hopes that 2021 was going to kick 2020’s. But, at the stroke of midnight there was a startling realisation, shit, it’s not that easy or that quick. Things don’t just magically change because of a clock striking midnight. My mind then flooded with anxiety because I knew that if I want change it’s got to start with me and not because it’s a new day of a new year.

It took me most of the day to push those ugly thoughts away so I could see what was behind it. Hope. Hope that things can and will get better and hope that I can and I will make things better for myself.

It’s good to be back!

Vixxy Rose


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