Time for a change!

Hey everyone,

So I have been trying to get back into this blog but I have come to realise it just doesn’t fit me anymore. I have outgrown it,which is both sad and good! As it show the progress I have made these last few years and I know a lot of that progress was helped by this blog.

This has been my save place for so long and I couldn’t be more thankful to the people that have supported me and this blog a long the way.

This blog taught me it’s okay to feel what I’m feeling and I’m not alone in my struggles. I have learned so much so much and honestly getting choked up right now and struggling to know what to say. Because it is time to say goodbye to this blog, it’s time to say goodbye to the person I once was and goodbye to the past.

But it not a total goodbye because I have been working on something new, something that reflects who I am now and I’m so excited to start this journey. So this blog is going to be changing and I’m looking forward to share with you all what I have been working on very soon!

There is going to be a new blog name, new type of content and my podcast is being resurrected again! So please stay tuned!

So it’s goodbye to crazylittlethings and hello to What the F!

Take care all

Vixxy Rose


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