I will never understand, but I stand.

Hey everyone,

I know I know I said I would write more but life has got in the way and i use a lot of my free time now for art and drawing.

So I don’t want to do my usual waffle about my life. Instead I want to use this small platform to share a big message. To do what I can to help get voices heard.

We all know what is going on in the news, we all know that media is pushing out a message that is not completely truth.

It is crazy we are supposed to be an advanced society because we are far from it. If we were so advanced then all lives would matter but they don’t. I have spent the last few days just kind of in the zone of what can I do. I can’t leave my house right now, I don’t have a massive platform and I’m in england not America.

Well that’s all excuses there are things people like me can do, we can use our platform no matter how small it is it still counts, we can sign petitions and most importantly we can educate ourselves on what is going on and how racism is still alive and well in our society.

I am a mixed race women who looks more white then mixed race. I have privilege because of my skin colour. Yes I got struggles and shit in life but there’s a one thing I will never understand or struggle with and that’s being treated differently and unfairly because of my skin colour.

Now is the time to educate ourselves so we can help and learn from this.

This link below has a lot of resources like petitions, donation pages, things to watch and read. Check it out! https://lectureinprogress.com/journal/resources-for-supporting-black-lives-matter-movement

Take care

Vixxy Rose


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