You can’t sugarcoat the bullshit!

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is keeping safe.

I know it has been good for me in the short term to be working from home. As I am so glad to have some structure to my day because I know my mental health takes a nosedive when I don’t have some type of routine.
Long term though, I do have some concern that it will start blurring the lines between home and work and there won’t be any escape from the stress my job can bring. I think long term I think need my happy place back, aka my desk which I use for my art and writing and maybe set up my workspace somewhere different.

I think we all need to face that the lockdown may be a bit more of a long term thing and we should prepare ourselves mentally for that outcome.

So my tip of the day is –

You can’t sugarcoat bullshit.

I think it is getting harder and harder for people to put on that brave face, because it feels like this pandemic is nowhere near a point of improving. Many people are scared, bored, lonely and pissed the fuck off!

Humans need connection, safety and honesty. We haven’t got that right now, and I think we are facing a mental health pandemic as well. So, I think that it is so important to make self-care an everyday thing.

For instance, it can be making sure you are not overdoing it with the news, maybe just once or twice a day to watch an update or read one. Contacting at least one person every day from your social life, to check in on them and keep that connection going for yourself. Making sure your working form home life doesn’t bleed into your home life.

Lastly, it is ok to feel scared its a scary world at the moment, no one knows how to handle this shit because we haven’t been in this position before. You don’t need to sugarcoat the bullshit, there is going to be bad days for us all, we are going to feel the mental strain but we can get through this.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

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