Where do we draw the line…

Hey everyone,

So it has been a while, I didn’t plan to be away from my blog for this long, but the time away was needed. It felt like I was juggling too much, and I needed to put something down before everything came crashing down. I will probably talk about it more in another blog post because there is something more important that I wanted to talk about.

Here in the U.K. news recently broke about the sad passing of Caroline Flack, who unfortunately took her own life on the 15th of February. Caroline was the host of Love Island and was also well known for other TV work. Caroline appeared to have been going through a lot in recent months. It also doesn’t help the situation that her life has also been put under a microscope not only by the British media but by the every day person thanks to social media.
The thing is the same press that has been reporting how sad her passing was, are the same ones who were sharing her private and personal life to the world. It is bad enough to have your life just out there for the world to read about while enjoying their morning coffee, but that is not where it ends. People who didn’t know her as a person were able to share their judgment on her life with her through social media.
Where is the line? Where is the humanity? Where is the kindness?
There seems to be a cloud of darkness that surrounds this world, instead of picking each other up when a person is down, some people just either step over them or step on them to keep them down.

It is fucking crazy that kindness is becoming rare, what is happening, is social media to blame? Is reality TV? Is technology to blame because we expect things to be quicker and instant, which means we have become spoiled?

Words are free, it’s how you use them that may cost.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

3 thoughts on “Where do we draw the line…

  1. It does seem these days that more people take a pleasure in unkindness. Did you hear what happened to Dr Brian May in Australia? I was so embarrassed! Luckily a lot of Australians were embarrassed too. It’s the same with Meghan Markle, they wont stop trying to “expose” her and then complain when she complains about them? How are they not getting this?


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