Emotions and Santa are coming to town.

Hey everyone,

Christmas is now around the corner, what the fuck! How is this year egding closer to the end? I think there is a lot of us going “well this year didn’t go to plan” or ” what a shit year so bring on a new one”. It is very easy to see the bad in this year, trust me that is all I can see, but we have to remember that there are good points hidden amongst those shit ones. You are here, we are here and we have got through those shit moments to reach the end of another year. What is done is done, and whether you had shed more tears then laughed this year, it is time to prepare to move forward.

It is not just Santa that is on its way. We are about to reach that peak of emotions during this festive period where we are going to filled with love and happiness but also grieve and loneliness . It is going to be a shit storm of emotions people and remember that we are all going through it, you are not alone.

So the presents are wrapped, the plans are made, the Christmas jumpers are at the ready and the anxiety is seeping in. So what now? Now it is time to remember that you got this shit, whether you are worried about family arguments, people not liking their gifts, struggled to afford gifts this year or haven’t got family to celebrate it with; you got this shit. The strength is there and has been there all throughout this year, you will get through it because you are a fucking warrior.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


3 thoughts on “Emotions and Santa are coming to town.

  1. I have become the Scrooge of Christmas here. We have no tree. Our Thomas eats the tinsel and until Tember is willing to pull it out, the tree must remain put away. I have all the presents. Although thanks to various crafty type building of paper air planes all gifts will must need be in the stocking. Thank goodness I have large one. On Christmas Eve just me and Tember hanging out. Christmas Day. I have him the morning and he is gone to dad’s in the afternoon until the 27th. Me. Couch. Whatever I want to eat. Whenever I want to nap. Whatever I want to watch. No talking no stressing just me. I spent nearly 20 years doing the whole in law family dinner everyone must hang out and now have my ideal Christmas. Have been doing this for 4 years now and Christmas has never been easier and happier since. Not really a Scrooge lol 🙂

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