I got this shit!

Hey everynoe,

I got this shit!

I want to keep this post simple and straight to the point, so I am not going to bore you with what I have been up to these past few days and how a walk in the rain traumatised the hell out of me, I save that story for another day.
Instead, I want to talk about how we got this shit. Things in life can get complicated with social issues, family issues, relationship issues and so basically just a ton of fucking issues. Those things that are floating around us from the past and present can feel so heavy and make you feel so weighed down. It may feel like you have more than your fair share of problems and that everyone else is living their best life while you are stuck dragging your suitcase of issues trying to get through each day.
I have wished at times that I could just leave those issues somewhere where they can’t find me, but it doesn’t work that way though. I think many of us have truly had times where we have felt like giving up and feeling hopeless because it’s just so fucking heavy.

But we got this shit, we got this far with that heavy weight and so can you imagine how far we can get when we learn to handle those issues better so they are not so heavy.
I say this to myself a lot now, during the good times and bad times, I got this shit. Life will throw curveballs and will cause issues but I got this shit you got this shit we got this shit!

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


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