A Christmas cry.

Hey everyone,

What can I say, apart from right now I feel so sad, something I was really hoping was going to happen this weekend, didn’t. I now have the choice of do I carry on living with this sadness in the hope that one day things may change or do I just let it go because that pain go is so heavy to keep carrying? If this gets back to you somehow, just know I will never stop hoping you will be in my life again.

A Christmas cry.

Many of us grieve this time of year for people we have lost both passed and living. Many of us are hurting while trying to keep a smile on our faces. So about 7 years ago I decided to do a Christmas cry near the beginning of December. I watch something that brings all those feelings to the service, I let myself grieve for those I love that are no longer around, I grieve for the pain I feel this time of year and I grieve for that inner child who just wants to be loved.
Now I have had so many funny looks off people when I tell them I do this but it is therapeutic and way better for the soul than trying to stuff those feelings down. So my advice is if you are missing someone this holiday season, don’t push those feelings away. Maybe do something that reminds you of them and have that Christmas cry. Those feelings are a part of you and those people you miss are a part of you.
Now that I have acknowledged that sadness, it doesn’t feel so big as it did when I was trying to stuff it down. Christmas is about memories creating new ones and remembering old ones. Some of those memories can bring a tear to your eye, you don’t need to wipe that tear away because it is Christmas.We all need a Christmas cry.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


5 thoughts on “A Christmas cry.

  1. Being purposeful in embracing your emotions and creating a space to experience them is a brilliant idea.
    One way I deal with my feelings is to write a poem. What matters is that you find something that works for you. Thank you for sharing

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