The dark side of Christmas.

Hey everyone,

There is a Christmas story that many of us know but don’t share. It is a story about feeling lonely because we don’t have that many people in our lives, it is a story about feeling anxious because what if you don’t buy the right gifts and it is a story about feeling utterly hopeless when everyone is happy and laughing. This story is the dark side of Christmas.
So why am I starting off this blog post on such a “happy” note? Well, we can just talk about the tinsel, the christmas cookies, the lights and the presents. All that sparkly stuff is not the only thing the Christmas holiday brings. There is a dark side of Christmas that many of us try our best to ignore because it doesn’t fit in with the sparkly holiday season.

Mental health issues and mental illness does not take a vacation because it is the holidays. If only it was as easy of wrapping them up in Santa covered paper and shipping them off to the north pole! Many of us will be dealing with the dark side of Christmas as well as the sparkly side and trying to figure out a balance between the two.

It is easy to not get swept up in the holiday spirit and to feel like a grinch because of that, to feel like there is something wrong with you because your social media isn’t filled with picture-perfect family moments and to feel lost at Christmas.
This holiday season is about giving and that includes yourself, self-care is a gift that can go a long way. So remember if you are dealing with the dark side of Christmas, take a break from social media, focus on your mental health and give yourself time. You don’t need to be Santa you don’t need to be the grinch, just be you.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


3 thoughts on “The dark side of Christmas.

  1. I’m having a hard time, I recently had to block my own Dad because I was over being yelled at for things I haven’t actually done. My Dad is an alcoholic, but he also has anxieties. So I’m stuck with my own anxieties and unblocking my Dad.

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