Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes.

Hey everyone,

For the last couple of years, I have done blogmas, where I have posted Christmas themed posts every day. This year after much debate, I have decided that I am not going to do it. There is a lot of of work that goes into each post, and I just don’t have time this year. I will still be doing some Christmas themed posts and will be posting more than I usually do (hopefully), but I am going to take the pressure off and enjoy each post instead of just trying to get one out every day.

So today is the 1st of December and my first Christmas themed post is –

Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some of us have real trees, some of us have fake ones, some of us go all out and can’t wait to get in the festive spiriT, some of us want to avoid anything festive,some of us celebrate it for religious reasons, some of us don’t and some of us don’t celebrate Christmas at all!
Christmas comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of us have our own traditions that we follow, so why can we accept that so easily but not accept that we come in all shapes and sizes?

There is a lot of people out there who will be worried about what they are eating and how they look physically over this festive season, including me. “I just want to lose a few more pounds before Christmas”, “I can’t wear for that jumper with my belly because it will make me look like Santa?” and ” Christmas is so difficult for me, so I am going to eat my feelings away.” I am guilty of saying those things because weight and Christmas are starting to become so intertwined.
Instead of focusing on creating healthy habbits, Christmas can cause a lot of bad habits around food and weight. Triggers for people with food issues and eating disorders can increase around this time of year dramatically.
The more focused we become on what we weigh this holiday season more weight will appear not physically but mentally and that weight is even harder to lose. So remember this Christmas season that food is there to enjoy and enhance the holidays, not to make you miserable and cause you mental distress.
We all come in all shapes and sizes, we all celebrate the holiday season differently, and we are not defined by a number on a scale.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


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