It is not too late and it is not too early.

Hey everyone,

I have had one of those days when I can’t help but think about where I am in life and with just over a month to go until a new year, have I just circled the drain?
The bad points can have a habit of jumping out at you like a bad meme but the good moments can be very subtle which can lead them to be overshadowed by those loud bad points. I also think it is easy to say don’t dwell on it, but as you get older it can get harder to not to dwell on the time that has passed by. Then to add anxiety on top of that, it can be crazy and can put the spotlight on something that doesn’t need all that attention.
This year has been so fucking hard and it is still fucking hard, there have been points where I thought that’s it I am done, there is no more fight left in me. I have questioned my sanity, my ability, my strength,my relationship and whether I should carry on blogging. I have learnt a lot about myself this year and learned a lot about the people that surround me. So basically, I have questioned my whole life!

The tip of the day is –

It is not too late and it is not too early.

We could easily wish the days away until the new year and start that bollocks of new year new me. What is the point in that?
Instead, it is time to focus on ending this year on a high note instead of wasting time on a low note and waiting until 2020 to turn it into a high note.
Planning can only get you so far, it is the action part that makes the difference, and turns a plan into reality. It is scary, it is hard and will probably involve that dreaded thing a lot of us like to avoid… Decisions!

So don’t wait until the new year to stop taking shit off people you don’t want to take shit from, don’t wait to try something you have always wanted to try and don’t wait until next year to start learning to love yourself, inside and out.
Don’t wait until next year to start moving towards a healthier mentally and physically you.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

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