When time plays tricks on you.

Hey everyone,

So it has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and I even though I am feeling quite vulnerable from it all, I am also feeling empowered. Maybe I can handle the shit thrown at me? Maybe I can be a functioning adult again? Maybe I will be ok. I know a maybe doesn’t seem that positive, but for me, it is, as the answer to those questions has been a no. I have been hiding behind my problems, as they have been my excuse for so long not to adapt to change and move forward. Those issues are like a comfort blanket because they are so familiar and most of them have been with me for a long time. I don’t think I need to grow up, it is not as simple as that, I think it is just time to push myself a little more and leave my comfort zone a little more.

So that is enough about me and my moaning lets move on to something we all can relate too.

When time plays tricks on you.

It can feel like time can slip away from you or move so slowly that you start to wonder has someone deliberately moved the clocks back. It is not time that changes, it is us. Time is something we can’t control but we wish we could. If I could control the time you know I would be adding some extra hours in bed every morning,
It is not about being able to control time though, but instead, how we use it. I waste time procrastinating, stressing and sometimes being so damn lazy. I also use it quite well by investing in a lot of time into my mental health self-care. Like anything, it is all about that balance.
Time is constant, it is always there ticking away and sometimes we need to try and ignore that ticking and concentrate on the now and not on the time that has ticked by or the time that is to come.
We are not aways going to use our time wisely either and you know what that is ok too, because at the end of the day time is there for us to use in whatever way we want to.

Take care

Vixxy Rose

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