We got this far!

Hey everyone,

We are at the end of one week and close to the start of another. Whether you have had the week from hell or a week that has felt like you have been floating on cloud nine, we keep moving forward. For me it’s been half and half, I have definitely had a dark cloud floating above me due to me struggling with my health issues. I just want to live my life but I have to adapt it so much due to my health. I got a big week coming up though, two appointments with specialists about my eyes and one doctor’s appointment about my mental health. So I honestly think there is going to be some tears this week and I know it’s going to be a tough week.

So today’s tip of for day is:

We got this far!

We can forget we have got through every bad day so far, we forget that most of the time strength can be silent and we forget that we don’t always have to have everything figured out.

So remember this week we might make mistakes, we might have some hurdles and we might just want to throw our hands up and say fuck this shit! We may also achieve something this week, make some steps forward and we might throw our hands up and say we handled that shit!

Vixxy Rose

Take care,


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