Sunday’s are for me, myself and not giving a fuck!

Hey everyone,

So it’s been a week of tears, tears and a few more tears! It has been a great example of you can be having a good week but still with a lot of shit going on. If this was a few months ago I would have reacted very differently, as I would have just given up and fucked up the good things going on as well. Instead, I cried when I needed to, dusted myself off and carried on because of the bad shit of is not worth more than the good.

That’s the thing when bad shit happens during a good week, it is so easy to just focus on that and let the good shit crumble away. The thing is to remember is that any good week will give some bad points too. It is so easy to get sucked into that dark place but not so easy to stay on track.

We need to remember it is ok to rest but not to quit, it’s ok to cry when you need to cry. It’s ok to just not give a fuck when you need to, like when you need to take care of yourself and focus on you instead of the world around you.

Take care everyone have a good week!

Vixxy Rose


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