#Worldmentalhealthday – hiding behind a smile.

Hey everyone,

A part of me is like, it is mental health day every day for me and the same for a lot of people. Then another part of me is like, well if we didn’t have days like this where we can positively use social media to spread awareness instead of our latest sefie, then it would be even harder to spread awareness. Just think back, if you are old enough, when we didn’t have the resources of social media. Unless you saw an advert, had a weird assembly at school or went to your doctors, we didn’t have spreading awareness. Now, not only can we learn from days like this we can also take part in spreading the awareness. So if you are one of those people who don’t see the point in days like today, well then this post ain’t for you.

Hiding behind a smile.

I have been always been one of those people who can hide how they’re feeling behind a sarcastic comment or a joke. I would rather make someone laugh than honestly answer that question, “how are you?” It becomes second nature, an easy mask you can slip on in public.
You don’t want to feel like a burden, weird or crazy to other people.
I didn’t realise until I hit a really low point in my life how important taking care of your mental health was. I wasn’t taught about depression or anxiety or anything about mental health at school. I didn’t talk about any of that shit at home either because my parents are from a generation where you didn’t talk about that kind of stuff.
So a lot of us are backed into a corner with a smile on our face not knowing how to deal with our mental health. That is why days like today are important because it helps people see they are not alone and there are ways to improve your mental health, you don’t have to suffer behind a smile.

We have the power now to share our stories, tips and advice. We have the power to help one another and turn a smile that people hide behind into an actual smile. We don’t need to suffer alone anymore because we are not alone.

So that is why days like today are important.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


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