Whatever it takes.

Hey everyone,

What a fucking week it has been so instead of moaning on for a paragraph or two, I will just give you the cliff notes. 

  • My doctor needs 2-week notice before I need an appointment, as that is the current waiting time. 
  • A bird pooped on my head. 
  • I ripped my favourite jeans in the crotch. 
  • Anxiety has been crawling around my mind.
  • I got some good news on the job front.
  • I didn’t win the lottery. 
  • I got back into the gym.

I think that is everything from this week, at the least the bird pooping on me gave me some good luck on the job front. I nearly had to break out the teapot as it felt like there wasn’t enough tea in the world that could get me through this week. I think as well with it being my first week without therapy it kind of threw me off-kilter, I felt a little lost without it this week. 

Being an adult is a hard job. 

I was starting to get the feeling that I was fading away these past few weeks, I couldn’t grasp onto anything to keep me here. It was like Thanos had come along and snapped his fingers and I was slowly turning into dust. This isn’t a movie though, no Avengers were coming along to save me. I had to get my Iron-man on and make the sacrifice to save the day. I had to keep trying and keep fighting even though it felt like there was no hope and I was convinced I was going to be dust.  

We have to make the hard choices as an adult, we have to deal with feeling like we are useless if we don’t fit the norm and most of the time we would rather be hiding under our covers when life gets just too much. We all wish that a hero or two would just come along and save the day for us because we are not prepared for this shit. 

The thing is we don’t always realise we have to be the heroes of our own story and keep fighting when we are tired and battered by life. 

Being an adult can be a right fucking bitch it ain’t easy but just remember those heroes we look up to like the Avengers, they got knocked down a bunch of times, lost battles, lost hope but at the end of the day, they won. That victory took sacrifice and I am sure plenty of cursing and days where they couldn’t even be bothered to shower let alone save the world. They don’t show all that in the movies but this isn’t a movie this is life and we all go through this shit, we just need to be the hero of our lives and not give up. 

Take care, 

Vixxy Rose


5 thoughts on “Whatever it takes.

  1. OMG I am so sorry about your jeans. I had a favorite pair and stupid ex boyfriend ‘misplaced’ them. Tried to give me a pair of ripped up jeans that were not mine. Appts suck when we have to wait. Bird Poop as you said is good luck (I almost had a flock of Canadian Geese poop on me-literally as I was walking the first plopped down on the right side of me and then the left. Needless to say I moved a lot faster to get out of their poop zone.) Working out is an additional step for your mental health-as a non exercising individual until recently I applaud you for getting back to it. Anxiety is always going to be hanging around. While not making friends just give her the finger and tell her she has no place in your life. I still have yet to win lotto as well. Tonight’s jackpot is $65 million and I definitely have a ticket for that one. Your posts are so positive these days. You are moving forward even if you feel that you are not. Sending big hugs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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