Coping mechanisms are for everyone.

Hey everyone!

So let’s talk about coping mechanisms, we all have them as they come in many shapes and sizes. Who can’t function in the morning without a large dose of caffeine? Coping mechanism. Who has used alcohol or smoking to help deal with stress? Coping mechanism. Who has a certain friend that they feel more comfortable with about opening up? Coping mechanism. Who has started a blog to help deal with things they struggle with daily? (me) Coping mechanism. The reason why coping mechanisms come in different shapes and sizes is because we are all different, and situations can affect us all differently.

There are some bad coping mechanisms and some good ones. I find the bad ones are more of a quick fix for a situation, whcih then can lead to them coursing more damage long term, than the original thing. Bad coping mechanisms are just like putting a bandaid on a cut that needs stitches, sooner or later that cut is going to get worse and the bandaid can only deal with so much.
Good coping mechanisms I find are the things that help gradually and you have to build on them. We can be put off using them becausein order for them to be effective we have to be playing ball. We can’t use relaxation coping mechanisms if we are not willing to relax and we can’t use support mechanisms if we are not willing to talk.
How well a coping mechanism works for us depends on us. It is about being open and honest with yourself and be willing to try different things. I started drawing about a year ago, I have never been artistic really, but the more I was using creativity as a coping mechanism the more it was helping me. I was able to channel things I struggled to speak about into something positive.
Life is hard and we all need coping mechanisms at some point in our lives. Whether you are meeting up with a friend to talk about your issues, meditating to help deal with stress or creating music or art to help with a traumatic situation, coping mechanisms are for everyone.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

One thought on “Coping mechanisms are for everyone.

  1. I didn’t put any art supplies in my box of “have available during your move” because I thought too much about physical self-care (TENS machine, etc.) and not enough about mental. Also, it feels super presumptuous to say that doidling or coloring is a “coping mechanism” when I’m not actually very good at it. But, in hindsight, I totally wish I’d just gotten over myself and put some coring books and gel pens in my “moving daily life essentials to keep with me” suitcase…

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