Isn’t it funny…

Hey everyone,

These past few days I have been riding that emotional rollercoaster and some of it has been down to the impending visit of mother nature in the next few days, fun times! I have just got a lot on my plate and most of it I have no control over, I really wish that before I came an adult I was warned about shit like this. Just a pamphlet would have been nice, warning me of the following when it comes to adulthood:

  • A lot of things are out of your control, that is just life get on with it.
  • Underwear will eventually become uncomfortable at home. 
  • Mental health is important becuase many things will affect it. 
  • Stress and anxiety will be apart of everyday life.
  • Buying a new pair of comfy pyjamas will be at the top of your shopping list. 
  • A constant supply of Paracetamol will be needed.
  • Bills!
  • Tired will become your default mood setting.
  • Oh and forget about all those things you thought adulthood is going to be like as it is nothing like that.

So isn’t it funny that we are just expected to slot into adulthood and get on with it because that is what everyone else does and if you can’t do that there is something wrong with you? If it was so easy then we wouldn’t need to take care of our mental health, the planet wouldn’t be in such a crisis and someone would have come up with world peace by now.

There is nothing wrong with struggling with the pressures of adulthood, as no one is prepared for that shit.

 The only advice I have is to keep learning and to keep trying. I read self-help books, I love a good motivational quote and love a good cry. Just remember no one is perfect and adulthood is a fucking pain in the ass, you are not alone. 

Take care,

Vixxy Rose 


5 thoughts on “Isn’t it funny…

  1. Too true, we don’t know what adulthood has in store for us!!! Life can be shit, but we are Just left to it… We all need a good cry but for me it’s getting most days, Great post and Thanks for posting, take care…✌

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