Time for some Honest Tea.

Hey everyone,

So guess who is going to be annoyingly plugging the new episode of her podcast over the next week or so,… Me! So I am just going to get it out of the way now, you can find it on iTunes, Spotify, this link http://honesttea.buzzsprout.com and there is also a link on my main page of this blog. So there is no excuse not to listen, your support really means the world to me and honestly, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start this podcast if you weren’t for the amazing support I get with this blog, so thank you. There are still a few teething problems with it, but I am learning and hey nothing is perfect and unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about my Brummy accent, so just close your eyes and pretend you are listening to Peaky Blinders.

Unfortunately, I have had a rough time lately and it has felt like I have been living in a world of “I can’t.” I have been unable to work, I have struggled with my vision, my anxiety has been up my ass and my motivation took a long vacation. Picking myself up from this all has not been easy because most of the time I am the one knocking me down. I am trying though, by going to therapy, restarting my podcast, investing more time in my blog and doing my art, I am starting to see my self-worth again. I may not be completely up, but I am making good steps to getting to that point.

Life knocks us down, we knock us down, but we can stand back up and it won’t be straight away as it takes time, trust me though don’t count yourself out just yet. I may not always look on the bright side, but I do believe sometimes we just have to go through some bad shit in life because that’s life. We may come out of it battered and bruised mentally, but we do come out of it stronger.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

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