Tea stains and reflections.

Hey everyone,

Today I looked in the mirror and looked at what was left of my two day old pigtails, the tea-stained jumper and the way too big sweat pants and thought “fuuccckkk!”. I can’t decide if this is what thirty is supposed to look like. I am close to a breakdown or all the fucks I gave have left the building. You may think I may be a bit upset by that image before me and honestly yeah a little, but also kind of proud of who was staring back at me.
The girl with the tea-stained jumper is the same girl who would put make-up on every day even if she wasn’t leaving the house because she couldn’t stand to see her own face. The girl with the 2-day old pigtails was the same girl who has started getting her hair cut and dyed at a hair salon after years, I mean years of being too anxious to step foot in one. The girl with the oversized sweat pants was the same girl who is struggling with positive body image but is trying to get better.
We may not always feel our best or look our best, but we are doing our best, so remember the next time you judge your own appearance, remember how far you have come and also you are an adult you can wear what the fuck you want, so wear that onesie with pride!

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

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