Bleary eyes.

Eye got problems!

I started noticing a problem with my right eye about June last year, I thought it might have been down to hay fever, or I might have scratched it in my sleep. I decided to go to A&E because as I was getting headaches and blurred vision. They said it was a migraine and gave me a muscle relaxer and sent me on my merry way. I knew it wasn’t a migraine, and so, I booked an eye test. Straight away the optician told me there was inflammation in my eye, and I needed to get to the eye hospital ASAP. So at the eye hospital, I learned the inflammation is called uveitis and it was a serious condition as it could cause blindness. I was given steroid drops to take for 3 months. 

So fast-forward 3 months. I finished my drops and my eye didn’t get any better. I was then referred to an eye doctor at the hospital. The doctor informed me both my eyes were now inflamed so more drops! I was going backwards and forwards every month and wasn’t getting any better. So the doctor decided to inject my eyes with steroids, yes it is as bad as it sounds, that set off a chain of events. 

My eyes got 99 problems, and clear vision is one!

After the steroid injections, my eye pressure shot up to double of what it should be. My doctor then referred me to a specialist in uveitis. I had to wait a couple of months but was worth it. The specialist ran a lot of tests and diagnosed me with Sarcoidosis of the eyes and Pan-uveitis. I was put on medication for the eye pressure and more steroids for the inflammation. Sarcoidosis is a disease involving abnormal collections of inflammatory cells and Panuveitis is inflammation of all layers of the uvea of the eye. Two rare conditions in one person, yay me! I had to choose between steroid treatment which has side effects or immunosuppressant which means I can’t get pregnant for 2 years, I chose steroids. 

Keeping my eyes on the future.

At the moment I have had to go off sick from work as my vision has worsened and I am on a lot of drops for the pressure and inflammation. I have now found out I have got a cataract in both of my eyes and my eye pressure is one step away from glaucoma. I am now looking at surgery for both eyes to replace my eye lens and to remove the drainage tubes from the eyes, which will lower eye pressure. 

This is a scary and stressing time for me. My mental health has been affected, as it has been hard to keep my chin up most days. I do have hope though that this long ass journey I am on with my eyes, will have a happy ending, as I won’t stop fighting for me, my sight and my mind. 

Also, don’t forget to get your eyes checked regularly, as the eye test I had probably saved my vision. 

Take care, 

Vixxy Rose 


3 thoughts on “Bleary eyes.

  1. Hugs. I have eye problems as a complication of EDS, and will likely need surgery in about a year, if things keep going as they are. It’s very scary to have eye surgery, so I’m sorry you’ve gotten less time to prepare for it mentally. But, hopefully you can find groups for your condition that can reassure you your doctor has experience with your rare condition and who has had the surgery. That has helped somewhat for me to mentally prepare, talking to others online who have had the same procedure successfully.

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