We all freak out from time to time.

Hey everyone!

Sometimes you don’t need to pull up your big girl pants and get on with shit. Sometimes you need to put on your sweats, eat a good amount of chocolate and have a good cry. Let’s be honest, who gets excited or happy about dealing with shit that comes our way. I haven’t come across anyone who looks at their bank account the day after payday and gone ” yay bills have come out, I feel responsible.” Or have said this; ” I can’t wait to spend my evening worrying about if I have fucked up my life.” We all have stress and problems that feel bigger than what we can handle if we didn’t then the there would be a dip in sales for alcohol, chocolate and self-help books.
I freak out all the fucking time about things in my life and just because we are adults doesn’t mean we can handle everything that life throws at us. Like the other day, I managed to worry over not getting enough mail through the post. What if something is wrong? Is it normal not to get mail every day? What if my mail is lost? What if I am a ghost and don’t know I am dead yet, hence why no mail?
We are told through the news outlets that we need to eat 5 a day, burnt toast gives you cancer, buy watches that count our steps, cut down on meat we are killing the earth and so on and so on. The important things we need to be told are either not told to us or get lost in a frenzy of do’s and don’ts. `No wonder it feels like life is too much and we can’t do anything right because we are constantly told to improve ourselves.
We can’t be like the generation before us and get on with things all the time, you know the old stiff upper lip method. There is a lot of shit out there that is scary and fucked up and we don’t always know if we are doing things right because we are told we are not.
So fuck it, we don’t need to have all of our shit together we don’t always know what to do because being an adult doesn’t give you all that information as soon as you turn of age. Vulnerability seems to fade the older you get and a stigma gets attached to it. There is nothing wrong with having a good cry, to confessing you don’t know what to do because if we look at life simply, we are all fucking winging it. As there is only one thing guaranteed in life. It’s not the ad that tells you if you drink this tea you will look like the Instagrammer advertising it but that we are all going to die one day.
So it is ok to freak out and not have all the answers and googling can only get you so far, just don’t google your cold symptoms we all know where that leads! Just take it easy on yourself and remember you are not the only one.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

One thought on “We all freak out from time to time.

  1. Vixxie, you are a funny lady. Yesterday, I worked on my book selling techniques for a new book I have coming out. I got obsessed trying to make a mailing list on Excel. i don’t know a damned thing about Excel. I saw my A.A. sponsor a little later and he told me to do something else to take a breather. I was getting too caught up in what I was doing. So I went to a food market, got some ice cream and a cup of coffee and soon was back to my old self. Took my sponsor to figure that one out. Otherwise, I would have been still bulldogging along. I don’t know when to quit. He said he has the same problem. I’m lucky to have A.A. Don’t have to do all the thinking myself.


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