Breaking up with negativity.

Hey everyone.

I don’t believe in a God, I do sometimes wonder if some person is looking down on us with a big bowl of popcorn in their lap and watching us like a sitcom. Laughing when we laugh, cries when we cry and cringes when we do something stupid like electing morans to run our countries. I wonder if this person laughed when I left my house with my dress tucked into my knickers or found me irritating when I was crying over the fact I left my house with my dress tucked into my knickers. I wonder if we definitely knew someone was watching us all the time would we act any different? ( Like double-check we aren’t flashing our pants to everyone.)

I often think I have become jaded in the way I think due to the shit that I have dealt with, maybe if some was watching my life like sitcom they could have tried to drop me some hints through fan mail. Told me shit like you’re being a bitch, they are not worth your time, let that shit go or your dress is tucked into your knickers. (can you tell that pissed me off yet!)
Instead, we have to listen to ourselves and trust our own advice because, funnily enough, we do know what is best for us, we just sometimes don’t want to hear it. It can be so hard to listen to your own needs, which is crazy. We worry too much about how others will be affected instead of how it affects us.
I have learnt recently, that the hardest decision we can make sometimes is to say no more. No more to the things that make us feel like shit, no more to treating ourselves like shit, no more not accepting things change. There is no laugh track with life, no audience, no script. There is just us, and we write our own story.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

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