I fuck up, you fuck up, we all fuck up!

Hey everyone.
Let’s talk about fuck-ups, you do it, I do it even your nan does it, we all fuck up. You don’t always know the right answer and sometimes have to go through a few wrong answers before you find the right one. Sometimes you go through a lot of wrong answers stomp your feet and go through some more wrong answers again before you find the right one. I think if life went our way all the time, it would be boring. We all have probably fucked up badly a few times in our life’s but some of those fuck-ups were fun if we were honest. A lot of us probably had a piercing or tattoo we regret, a drunken story or even scar that was the result of a fuck up.
We can’t beat ourselves up for everything we do wrong because sometimes we don’t realise that the thing we are doing is wrong for us in the first place until it is done with. We can’t hide or ignore the fuck-ups either. So, what can we do?

Be accountable? Blame someone else? Pretend we are perfect and if anyone who argues any differently, shun them forever? As a kid it was so much simpler if you fucked up you got grounded or was told by your parents that they weren’t angry but disappointed. Basically, you knew that there was a positive or negative reaction to your actions. As an adult, though we have so much shit going on that we can make multiple fuck-ups and forget we are human and shit happens and that’s how a fuck up becomes a massive black hole that sucks our life into it.
A fuck-up can lead to a fuck yeah don’t forget that.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

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