Has my mojo gone into witness protection.

Welcome back to Crazy Little Things!

Lets talk about Mojo…

What is it? Where do you find it? Does it find you? If you have it, can you share some with me? Can you buy it from Amazon?

What is it?

Well, to answer the first question, it is that umph that gusto kind of feeling where you feel you can do more than just change your pyjamas that you have been wearing for more than a week. To put it as simply as I can mojo is like motivation. You can thank Austin powers for that term!
Also, mojo can mean different things to different people, it can be used to describe a lack of motivation, a lack of sex drive, just not quite feeling yourself and even all of the above.

Where do you find it and does it find you?

Sadly there is no such thing as a mojo supplement you can take if there were I would be taking them daily. Some people say the mojo is not lost it is still within you, well tell that to my week-old pyjamas and my growing to-do list. Mojo can be lost but it can also be found. Sometimes we just need to rest as we burned out all our mojo and other times you build that shit up by tackling things one at a time and as soon as you see progress, your mojo meter goes up.
It all depends on the situation you might just need to treat yourself to a haircut or a new book to get your mojo back or maybe talk to a friend get some shit off your chest.

If you have some can you share some with me?

This is not a silly question. When we encourage or support others, we are sharing our mojo. So next time you see a friend or someone in need, give them a helping hand, it can be as simple as asking how they are or giving them some company.

Lastly, can you buy it from Amazon?

Technically no, but also if that book or new cup ( I am obsessed with cups) is on there and you mojo meter is running a little low then I suppose you can buy it from Amazon, as Amazon sells fucking everything.

Take care all and I hope you find your mojo!

Vixxy Rose


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