We can be more than a label. 

Welcome back to crazy little things!

I’m feeling even driven as days go on to spread my wings and fly and not in my usual run away from shit kind of way, but in an, I have outgrown this phase in my life and it is time I move on to the next one. I am not 100% sure what this exactly means, what I do know is that I am thinking more clearly then I have done in a long time. I am going to be making some big changes with my blog over the next coming month and I am excited about it.
I have explored every corner of my mind and there are some dark fucked places but there is also some light shining through and I have to embrace that while I can. I have spent most of my in a bubble of depression and feeling so disconnected from the world and I thought there was something wrong with me. Mental health and mental illness have had the spotlight on them for too long in my life and I want out of that bubble. It is still a part of me and always be a part of this blog but it is not the only part of me any more. So I am going to spread my wings…

So my tip of the day is –

We can be more than a label. 

I have felt like my mental illness has had a hold on me for a long time but I am wiggling out of its grip, slowly. I have had so much of my life dominated by pain, depression, anxiety and just not feeling good enough. I have said so many times that is it I am done and I am not living like this anymore but carried on. There is more to me then this darkness, the girl who sings and dances in her kitchen like she is putting in a show, the girl who reads to her eyes get heavy, the girl who loves to laugh. This girl has been overshadowed by mental illness and now she is stepping back into the light.
We are more than our mental illness and we are stronger than our mental illness. Mental illness is still a part of who we are and remember that part it is not what makes us who we are.
We can be more than a label, we can be just us.
Take care,
Vixxy Rose

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