Good shit and bad shit and a little bit of tired of the shit!

Hey everyone,
Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too, as you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. A new week is literally a whisper away and I am tired not only for this week ahead but probably for the next few weeks. I feel no amount of sleep or accidental naps is solving the tiredness because it is not just because I am physically tired but because I am mentally tired. I just went through a manic cycle and now my mind is like fuck this shit I’m done! If my mind could pack a suitcase and go on holiday for a few weeks it would be out the door so fast I wouldn’t see it coming. This is why it is important to remember self-care is not just for the bad days, but also for the days in between. I see it like this, if you run a marathon you would relax physically after not go for a jog to recover. So, if you have had a bad time mentally and you are coming out of the other end of it the self-care shouldn’t stop.

So this is this week’s good shit and bad shit list.

  • Good shit
    • I have managed to keep myself focused on getting better physically and mentally.
      I have been able to express some intense feelings I have been having in a calm rational manner, instead of losing my shit.
      I have continued on writing some tiny victories I have had throughout the week.
      I have gone to the gym even though it was hard for me mentally and physically but it felt good to push through that anxiety.

    Bad shit

    • Even though I have been able to do it on myself this week, it hasn’t stopped me feeling like a complete failure in life at the moment.
    • My self-image is just awful I really wish I could see myself differently.

    So even though I have had some pretty intense emotional feelings this week and my mind has been so manic, I have been able to handle that shot rather well and kept my hand away from the self destruct button.

    Take care everyone,

    Vixxy Rose


    4 thoughts on “Good shit and bad shit and a little bit of tired of the shit!

    1. Don’t let your anxiety and depression get the better of you sweetie!! Stay strong I know it’s easier said than done and we can all have a bad day but you can say to yourself tomorrow will be a even better day that’s what I always told myself .Thanks for posting ❤️

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    2. Hey crazy little things🙋‍♀️. I love you name to begin with.. 😂 And life as you stated is seeing the in-between days clearly for every bad day there is a good day❤️. Hope you get your self image to your pros coz you beautiful.

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