Life is a story, not a script.

Hey everyone,
Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too, as you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. I am getting on my own nerves at the moment. There have been moments this week where I have honestly been tempted to slap myself and tell myself just to shut the fuck up. I think I could have won an award for moaning this week, as that’s all I have done. There is nothing wrong with moaning, don’t get me wrong but I’m having a moan about things that I should be used to, and no about of moaning is going to make me feel better. It may sound like I am feeling harsh on myself, but things are already hard enough at the moment I don’t need to add self-pity into the mix. That would be a recipe for disaster or maybe the right combination for me to go full emo again, either way not good.

So today’s tip of the day is

Life is a story, not a script.

I have never been any good at listening to any type of authority. because firstly I don’t trust people that easily and secondly I am a stubborn cow. I think we are living in a world where we are told how to act, what to wear, and how to eat. There are these unwritten rules that everybody knows that keeps getting longer and longer. Which in turn makes it harder to follow them, which can then make people miserable. When people chose not to follow those rules then they are instantly labelled something negative like fat, crazy, lazy and weird. I hold my hands up, there have been many times where I have followed unwritten rules or felt bad for not following them.
So I say fuck the rules! Fuck being told we are living our life wrong, and fuck it if people want to call me a weirdo. I am not asking others to live my life, no, all I am asking is for others to let me live my life in peace. Life is a story, not a script. We write our own story, so don’t let anyone try and write it for you.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

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