When the smoke alarms inside your mind are going off.

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Life is kicking me in the eyes these last few days, due to new medication for my uveitis, my eyes are so swollen and sore. It is making me feel like a monster, I already have a low viewpoint on my body and this is not helping. It’s definitely triggering me and I am trying not to go down that slippery slope of depression. Lately, my mental health seems to of settled a bit, it is not so much of a bipolar rollercoaster but a bumpy hill. Which is great, so I really don’t want to trigger a low mood cycle. All I can do is ride the wave and hope for the best.

Which brings me on to my tip of the day.

When the smoke alarms inside your mind are going off.

I want to talk about the mental health burn out. I’m sure many of us have been here before, where we try and try to be okay and keep a hold of the mental illness or mental health issue that is bothering us but it’s just that trying is burning you out. You end up feeling like you are giving it all and it doesn’t feel like enough, which is not true. It takes so much energy at times dealing with those types of things. When that energy has run out those anxious and depressive thoughts start to get through, adding fuel to the fire that has started. So when the smoke alarms are going off inside our minds, we need to try and to put out the fire calmly instead of panicking and adding more fuel. So forget putting on a smile it’s time to get real. We could take a day off work, do some self-care, speak to someone but mainly we need to except we are burnt out. As remember it’s ok not to be okay.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


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