Good shit and bad shit!

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. My eyes have really been playing up these last few days, it really does suck having chronic pan-uveitis. It highlights how I feel about life in general, no matter how much I feel I am doing things right at times it doesn’t always work out. It feels like I am being weighed down by things too easily at the moment and no matter how much I try and let things go, they just stick to me even more when I try to shake them off. Maybe it is because I don’t know how to let them go? Maybe it is because I am worried what will happen if I do? Or maybe it just isn’t that easy!
Choices aren’t they fun! Life isn’t always fun and eating too much chocolate is definitely not that much fun, just a tip don’t eat two easters eggs in a short amount of time you will regret it!

So time for my good shit and bad shit for the week.

Good shit!

• I have been able to go the gym multiple times this week and the harsh cold grips anxiety has on me has managed to lesson each time.
• I am slowly getting into a routine again which s helping me find time to relax and not just physically but mentally.

Bad shit!

• I am still being plagued by an ongoing situation that no matter how much I tell myself to let go, I am struggling to do so.
• I feel like I am teetering on the edge of a low mood and I can’t seem to get back from the edge.
• I am still struggling to control my comfort eating.
• The more I feel disconnected from the world recently the more I feel I won’t feel connected again.

So this week the bad shit has been more than the good shit but that doesn’t mean that I can’t overcome what is dragging me down or that I am doing something wrong, it means bad shit can just happen sometimes no matter how perfect we think we are being. Mental illness doesn’t work that way and neither does life.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

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