International Womens Day – Gabbie Hanna.


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. So today is International women’s day and I thought I would do a post dedicated to a woman who I admire. The thing is there are so many women out there who I admire and think are fucking amazing. In the social age we live in today women have grown more powerful, I still think there is still a long way to go but I think the steps are slowly being made for women to be seen as equal. I don’t just mean as equal compared to men but to one another. More women from different races and cultures are forming bonds and that wouldn’t be possible without social media. Women are starting to see what makes them different isn’t a problem but a fucking superpower and using that power to inspire others. Do I think that all women are using their power for good? NO, I am not blind. Women are still being pressured about the way their body should look like and most of that pressure now is done by women. I’m talking about women who for some reason think it ok to promote and message people about fucking weight loss products. Honestly, it is dangerous and so damaging. As women, we should be lifting one another up not knocking each other down.

So today I am dedicating today’s post to…

Gabbie Hanna

Now, this may get mixed responses but I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like her because I’m not asking you to. The reason I chose Gabbie is down to her sheer resilience and how outspoken she has been about mental illness. If you don’t know who she is, Gabbie is a YouTuber who has also written an amazing poetry book called Adultolescence and has recently released the most powerful and emotional music I have heard in such a long time. Gabbie has found herself in hot water a few times and recently it became a thing where you either loved or hated her. The thing about Gabbie that she is not blind to her mistakes and her faults. She knows she’s very sensitive and awkward and also a bit of an attention seeker. She is not perfect and that is what I love about her. I came across Gabbie on YouTube a few years ago and she was talking about her anxiety and going to therapy and it really hit me as this was before I started blogging. I found someone who I could relate too about my own abandonment issues, anxiety and depression and how it  made me question as whether I was the monster. She is definitely one of the reasons why I started to feel comfortable about openly talking about my issues with anxiety and depression. I found myself rooting for her as she started her journey about learning to love her body and improve her relationship with food. I found it so inspiring to see this person who has a following and influence on young girls to go about it in a way of not aiming to just be skinny but healthy.
Her recent music has really affected me deeply and it was like someone crawled inside my head and wrote what they found up there. From the line from monster reborn “Am I my mother’s daughter, please someone prove me wrong” to Medicate “turning tragedies to a work of art”. I not only think she is an amazing role model for her sheer openness about her struggles and also her achievements. Also, I think that she shows people you don’t have to put yourself in a box, through hard work you can go after your dreams and having mental health problems does not define who you are.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose

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