You won’t win every battle.


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. The bitch of anxiety has really been pissing me off the weekend, I have come close to tearing my hair out because she is just niggling away at me. Also because I have this eye condition at the moment and it reacts to my anxiety and now I am having to deal with some very sore swollen eyes, fun times! Every freaking time I am working towards doing something for me or to better myself the bitch of anxiety comes and throws in her unwanted opinions.
So my podcast was going to be released this weekend but I am too eager to enjoy that moment so I am going to push it back a few days and so I can kick that bitch of anxiety out and then enjoy the moment of putting out my podcast without her.

Today’s tip of the day is –

You won’t win every battle.

This weekend has shown me that just because I have won one battle with anxiety doesn’t mean I will win the next one. I am not saying that isn’t possible, I just think it that we have to prepare ourselves for losing a battle. The loss is hard but not as hard as getting up from it. I am throwing my hands up and admitting that anxiety has got the best of me and won a battle but honestly I am ok with that.
We need to understand we can’t win every time, so we can learn from it, heal from it and move on from it. Learning from it is so important and I think it is necessary to win the war with anxiety. This why I always try to do a tiny victory list each week, it is something I can look back on to give me strength and recognize that losing a battle is ok because I have won some already and will win some in the future. I think the more we can accept things can’t always go the way we would like it to, the easier it can become in dealing with a loss.
So if you are going through a bad time with your mental health, try to remember or write down the things you have done and shift the focus from the things you haven’t done.

Take care all,
Vixxy Rose

2 thoughts on “You won’t win every battle.

  1. It’s so true, what you said.. It’s funny how one day we think we have it all worked out, and anxiety couldn’t even exist!! And the bam. Anxiety is back in full force. Totally get it. But you are right, no need to battle them all. Let the vulnerability come through. Maybe that’s when the most healing occurs. Lovely writing. 🙂

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