When the holiday blues hit you…


Hey everyone,
Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. What the fuck is wrong with me?! I had such a good day yesterday and it was a great Christmas but today I am struggling. My vision has got worse these past few days and no matter how much I know it is the right decision not to have certain people in my life right now it really is fucking hard. Christmas can be a great distraction from real life but also can highlight the things in life that are making you unhappy. All I can do right now is push through this and make I take care of my mental health right now. Like I said though, Christmas was good and had some amazing presents including a mic to start my podcast from my partner. We had such a great day just the two of us eating and relaxing in our matching pajamas. Then in the evening went to our friends’ house up the road for a few drinks and board games. It was such a fun evening and I love the fact that I do have some amazing people in my life. Me and my partner really have created some amazing memories this Christmas that will last a lifetime.
Well, tomorrow is the big day, I am off to the hairdressers to finally get my hair done after 2 years, I am nervous and excited. I know I am going to get crazy anxiety tomorrow morning but I also know it will be worth it and it will be a massive step forward that I can carry forward into a new year.

So back to my usual tip of the day –
When the holiday blues hit you…
There are probably many of us going through the same thing today. Even though it has only been one day since Christmas day, it can really knock you down. The glitter has worn off and nothing hasn’t really changed for many of us who deal with mental illness. It is still there actively sending messages to us that can really fuck with us. Some of us may have not had a good time at Christmas and some of us might of but even way we are in the same boat of fuck this is hard.
It really is and unfortunately I can’t tell you it will get better, we just have to ride the wave of emotions and hold on and remember to take care of ourselves. Don’t push yourself if you know you are to delicate just take that time for self-care over these next few days. Just how mental health is more important than an interview, a job, seeing friends etc, it is also more important than Christmas.
Take care all,
Vixxy Rose

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