Follow that star!


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Christmas is next week, what the actual fuck! The closer we get to Christmas the closer we get to another year also and that is what is in my mind thinking about more at the moment. Thinking about another year weirdly makes me feel like I have had ice water dumped all over me. I get like this rush of anxiety and emotions and it takes my breath away. As I really don’t want a repeat of this year and my biggest fear is I will. Will I keep making the same mistakes or do I break that loop? So many questions but the answers need to come from me, as this is my story I need to write.
I’m so overwhelmed with it all, I feel like I just don’t know which way to turn and if those things I want are just out of my reach. So many things running through my mind, I have a lot of self-doubts but there is still that hope that I do deserve to make a happy life for myself.

Todays blogmas post day 17 is –

Follow that star!

I am not a religious person but I am aware of the basic story that is the nativity. For me, there is one part of the story that I find the most inspiring and I believe you don’t have to be religious to get inspired by it. The part that inspires me is the wise men following the star. The star to me represents hope. No one knows where their path is leading them and the thing that most of us carry inside us during those dark difficult times is hope. No matter how small the hope is it’s their guiding you along your path.
There has been times where I have wanted to throw in the towel because my life always feels like it is a struggle but sometimes against all olds I pick myself up and carry on. Most people with mental illness or mental health problems sometimes don’t know how they are going to feel every day; it can feel like your mind is flipping a coin every morning. Sometimes we just have to hold on and follow that star of hope that better days are to come…
Take care,
Vixxy Rose


2 thoughts on “Follow that star!

  1. I hope this is a better year for you, dear. I hope you find peace and happiness; I understand difficulty and I have so many dark days and I find faith in God but everyone is different. Life can be so difficult sometimes but we can never lose hope, ever. Keep moving forward my, friend and hopefully you’ll find some light to guide you out of the darkness. Be safe this Christmas and take care of yourself

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