We are snowflakes.


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Today I have done a lot of soul searching; I sat down and had an inner thought conversation with myself. Now I have these conversations a lot and can end up with me arguing with myself, which then can lead to giving myself the silent treatment or calling myself a bitch. I most the time that is down to me being stubborn or burying my head in the sand, because I don’t like to always face problems head one, I like to come in from the side or act like they don’t exist when they are hitting me in the face. So now I am signed off work I thought this was the best time to give myself a talking to and ask myself why am I unhappy? And how can I change that? This Is something we all can go through but I know that some the things in my life are having a damaging effect on my mental health and if I don’t make these changes and step up, then I am just being my own trigger for a storm.
This doesn’t mean I have found the cure for happiness or that I have sorted my shit out, no it means that I am making those small steps to get my life to a happier place. This always gets me thinking of my favorite motivational quote; we are the authors of our own story. The person responsible for my happiness is me.

So let’s move on to my blogmas post day 10 –

We are snowflakes.

Firstly how are we 10 days in already? This is crazy! Anyway, today I wanted to talk about getting lost the sea of tinsel and lights. This time of year I feel we can lose who we are and try and keep up with everyone else. The pressure can range from having the perfect Instagram photo of your Christmas decorations to getting the most popular present for a relative. Like who gives a fuck how you decorate your tree and what colour ornaments you use, if you want to cover your tree in bottle caps! You do you!
I feel like Christmas has become too commercialized and I am not even religious but for someone with anxiety and bipolar to have this pressure around me is like being stuck in a room that is getting smaller by the minute. So let’s save us the time and mental damage and just do us, if want to dance around your Christmas tree naked that’s your choice, if you want to get your loved ones a donation to charity in their names that’s your choice. Again if you think that Die Hard is a Christmas film it’s your choice and mine! Let’s use this season of celebration to celebrate who we are as individuals.
Take care,
Vixxy Rose


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