Don’t let festive anxiety ruin your christmas.


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. So here we are December the 1st, the start of the Christmas cheer! Where we stockpile food that would last a few months to eat in a week and of course we can’t touch it until Christmas. Where people can wear the most cheesiest jumpers with bright colours and festive images and not be judged for it (I have 4 jumpers!). The time of year that can hold peoples most precious and also most stressful memories.
This is the time of year that feels like there has been a dusting of sparkle over everyone and people enjoying the simple things, like spending time with family and friends. But I also think Christmas should come with a warning label. There are so many people who put pressure on themselves to get the best gifts to spend the most and have a picture perfect Christmas. People put themselves into debt and destroy themselves mentally for something that isn’t necessary.
As this world advances so do peoples demands and that sparkle that Christmas can bring can to us all can turn into festive anxiety.
Today’s blogmas post is –

Don’t let festive anxiety ruin your christmas

This is a great time of year for many but also this time of year can be very difficult for a lot of people too. There are people that struggle with money, loneliness and bad memories. So with the added pressure this holiday season can bring we need to take care of ourselves mentally, it is just as important as getting the right present or buying enough food to feed a small army. Festive anxiety is real and can affect everyone whether you suffer from anxiety the other 11 months of the year or not.

So my tips for dealing with festive anxiety is:

• Be realistic – set yourself a budget and if you find yourself worrying you are not pleasing everyone then remember you can’t please everyone you’re not Santa!
• Treat yourself – we spend weeks running around shops thinking of others but I think it is important we think of ourselves at least once. So buy yourself a present whether it’s something small.
• Track it – I always find writing lists keeps me on track a lot of the time, so to stop yourself from being a runaway train, because santa has a list and he checks that thing twice before he makes a decision.
• Christmas cheer – put a day aside a week where you are just enjoying the simple things watch a Christmas movie, bake some cookies and give your mind a rest from overthinking.

So these are my tips but I would love to hear yours please leave a comment if you have a great tip on how you deal with Christmas that you would like to share.
Take care,
Vixxy Rose

2 thoughts on “Don’t let festive anxiety ruin your christmas.

  1. I think you have summed up most of the festive tips. I like many are of the same mind as you. I personaly tend to look upon Christmas as another day. I tend to think we should have Christmas in January when the sales are on , that way that present you paid full price for, you could get half price in January x


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