If it looks and smells like bullshit it probably is bullshit!


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Have you felt like you are neither glass half full or half empty? More like glass contains a drink you don’t like and that’s all you have to drink, for me that drink is orange juice. I hate orange juice, even thinking about it makes me shiver in disgust, give me cranberry or apple juice any day. So yeah that’s the feeling I have right now, I am not in a storm of depression more of an inconvenient shower. I am glad my life is a glass half full and there are some good things in my life but there are things I can’t ignore that I am deeply unhappy with and that to me is like drinking a glass of orange juice. I know it’s a weird analogy but I accepted a long time ago that I have a weird mind.
Isn’t life full of analogies though? Don’t we transfer information from one subject to another in a way of comparing? Just something to think about I guess.

Just a quick note before I get to my tip of the day, I have finally decided if I was going to do blogmas this year. I really enjoyed doing it last year but it was hard work because no matter how much I do try now and then to plan blog posts, I find my best work is unplanned. So after debating with myself, I am going to be doing blogmas again this year! So see you all back here Saturday for my first blogmas post, obviously after you have read today’s tip of the day.

Today’s tip of the day is –

If it looks and smells like bullshit it probably is bullshit!

I had an outburst this week and the people around me at the time were quite shocked by it and do you know what caused that outburst? Bullshit! I had reached my limit of bullshit and no amount of anxiety could overpower my gut feeling or the stench of it and I had to call bullshit. Yes, I could have handled it better and yes I shouldn’t have taken all the other bullshit previously and put it down to my anxious mind, but shoulda woulda coulda.

I have learned that the gut feeling that we try to put down to anxiety isn’t always the case of it being anxiety. Our body can tell us when something is wrong and we have to learn the signs that it sends us. Plus instead of always assuming it’s you with the problem listen to that gut and see that you are not always the one in the wrong just because you have a mental illness you are still human and us humans have a gut instinct. Is it always spot on? No, but we all know how much of a liar anxiety is so why do we believe that more than our gut?
So remember next time there is some bullshit making itself known to you, you don’t have to step in it and take it you can either call it out or walk away just remember to try to listen to your gut.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose


One thought on “If it looks and smells like bullshit it probably is bullshit!

  1. Love your blog vixxy. Sometimes we are pushed to the limits hun. You are human like the rest of us. And your right you don’t have to take bullshit hun.xx


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