Likes mean nothing if you don’t like yourself!


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. The weekend is so near I can almost taste it! Even though I have had some time off this week because I have been far from a functional human being I can’t wait to have 2 days off where I don’t feel any anxiety about not being a functioning human. No matter how many times I keep telling myself to relax and to take it easy, I can’t quite 100% do it because that bitch of anxiety is there whispering away telling me I should be functional. But I don’t think I am special in this, I believe this is down to the pressure everyone feels mental illness or not, we live in a world where if we are not living it to our fullest potential, then we are failing and doing something wrong.
Even with the purest of intentions about spreading awareness and positivity on social media about mental health, I found myself beating myself up about not being fully engaging. Like what the hell, why am I doing this to myself? So I unplugged for a few hours and even though I was a bit restless and felt like I needed to be doing something a bit more practical with my time, I felt some of the pressure leave me. We need to learn as a society that the most important person you answer to – is yourself – and that social media shouldn’t rule our lives because that is a heavy burden we all could live without.

So let’s move on to my tip of the day –

Likes mean nothing if you don’t like yourself!

Social media is a great tool and it can help spread and raise awareness for many different causes. It helps connect people from all over the world and form bonds with people we wouldn’t have the chance of connecting with 20 years ago. We learn many weird and wonderful things like mouth-watering Nutella recipes, 101 ways to use a piece of paper and what your neighbor was up to yesterday at lunchtime.
But unfortunately, the down sound to that is the pressure of looking perfect in a picture, the jealousy of believing in that someone is living life better than you and the desperate need to be liked. No wonder the mental illness rate has dramatically increased since the age of social media. No wonder so many people get lost in this world wide web and end up lying and pretending about who they are.
Yes, I post a bit on social media but trust me it is not everything, because I like to keep a part of my life private and remember to live in the now. It feels like sometimes that peoples value is dependent on how many likes they get and that is fucked up. Social media is great when used properly but at the moment it is turning into a virus. So like me if find you are thinking about it too much and on it too much unplug for a while. A few hours or a few days can help you see that living through a screen is not living.

Take care,
Vixxy Rose


4 thoughts on “Likes mean nothing if you don’t like yourself!

  1. Likes seem to be the proof that you’re acceptable, approved of, and living the life of Reilly. I admit that if I post a blog or something on Facebook and get say 60 likes, it’s a bit of a boost, my efforts paid off. Then I post something I feel is wonderful and nothing. It’s all just one big popularity contest out there.

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    1. I go thorough that too and it is so hard not to take it personally when you put a bit of your soul out there! I just try and remember why I started this and that was to help me and others and whether that’s is 5 people or 500 it is still helpful


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