Thank you Stan Lee for being a hero to us all!


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. I think the universe has been using me as her own personal joke again, as today has been ridiculous. So many things have gone wrong or broken, I am quite scared about typing on this laptop in case I accidentally guess the right code for a secret self-destruct put in by Apple, that’s how bad my luck has been today. But surprisingly it has got to a point where I’m just laughing it off because I see no point to cause my storm over a few broken things. This mindset has definitely helped keep the bitch of anxiety the fuck away from me. If we can’t laugh at ourselves now and then, that light is never going to shine through that cloud that hovers over our heads. After I have written this though, I am going to check Amazon for a four leaf clover and a book for dummies about getting some luck and maybe some bubble wrap to wrap around myself, it is worth a try!

So, today I was going to do a piece about bullying since it is anti-bullying week but I am now pushing that back a couple of days because I wanted to do something else. Due to the sad passing of Stan Lee, I wanted to do a piece about how much of an amazing influence he had on this world.

Thank you Stan Lee for being a hero to us all!

I am not going to bullshit you all and say I am this massive marvel nerd who has read every single comic, I do wish it were something I could get into.
I am a marvel film lover and I respect without the comics we wouldn’t have the films, I even went to go and see one on my first date with my partner 6 years ago. I don’t think you need to be a massive comic person to respect what an amazing world he created for us all.
Marvel, for me, taught me no matter how weird or odd I felt that I could still be a hero and that you didn’t need to fit a certain criteria to do so, but it might help if your first and last name started with the same letter.
Stan created a world full of diversity and fun and where anything is possible, even a man coming back to life after being frozen for a long time. He taught us that no matter how bad things can seem that it wasn’t impossible for things to get better with time, like having your hands destroyed in an accident to then becoming the worlds greatest sorcerer.
And lastly, Stan Lee taught me that no matter how old we get we don’t have to completely grow up, there is no age limit on having fun and damn if you want that Hulk action figure with sound effects then fuck it be the hero your inner child needs!


Vixxy Rose


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